COVID-19 restrictions:

1. Students 5 years and older will need to wear a face mask at all times during class. We will be modifying our movement to ensure that our aerobic activity is limited. Our primary focus for fall 2020 will be flexibility; muscle strengthening; and growth in balance, alignment, and turning.

2. Students with any symptoms of COVID-19, or other illness, should remain home and attend class via our zoom option. Every class will be available via zoom for those that cannot attend in person due to caution. 

3. Students will have their temperature taken upon entering the studio to ensure that no on has a fever.

4. During class we will take every measure possible to keep the 6 foot distancing as recommended by healthcare professionals. Students must agree to comply with this studio policy prior to attending class.

5. The studio will be wiped down and sanitized between each group of students and we will provide a sanitizing station for students and parents to sanitize their hands upon arrival.

6. We will not be holding our usual dance recital this December. We are looking into alternative options for our Christmas recital and will send out information regarding this by October 15th.

Hillsboro, Oregon

Let's Dance Studio is changing to Studio Fuse, and brining some wonderful new opportunities! 

Our goals are to:

  • Give students the best dance variety possible
  • Give teachers an affordable and fully equipped place to teach
  • Give everyone an opportunity to experience the joy of dance!

We offer a variety of classes for all ages and types of dancers. So, come join us and

Let's Dance!



2092 NW Aloclek Drive #501 Hillsboro, Oregon